Cinematic Martial Arts Master Edition

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Increase Retention

Evoke passion in students by teaching them new abilities

Expand Versatility

Compliment your curriculum by offering complete training

Enhance Visibility

Attract new prospects by adding some flash to your performance

How Does Cinematic Martial Arts Work?

CMA takes a different approach compared to the average YouTube tutorial; instead of being told how to do a complicated movement such as a butterfly twist, you are equipped with the knowledge of concepts necessary to help you teach yourself new skills (every new skill is built from one you already know, beginning with very simple exercises). The techniques are structured into levels, with each one building towards more dynamic and difficult material. No matter where you start, CMA gives you a solid foundation to help guide your progress as high as you care to climb.


  • Tricking trends point to vert kicks being more difficult compared to inverts, though they are less intimidating for most (even non martial artists) to try. The majority of practitioners find their way to a few of the popular kick tricks and use them to highlight other skills, overlooking the vast majority of possible techniques. The CMA vertical curriculum takes you through every possible takeoff, rotation, and landing possible from scratch, while teaching you to understand and incorporate transitions of all categories. You'll start with standing kicks and work your arsenal to include "backside900," "cheat900," "540kick," "jacknife," "pop720double," "swing1080," and many other kick tricks that are sought after in tricking. Along the way you'll learn to identify and utilize transitions such as "vanish," "missleg," and "swingthru" to help you develop your skills and build combos. By the time you complete this curriculum you will be able to perform every possible technique up through 540° in-air rotation, using any takeoff or landing type, connecting into (or out of) any other kick using any applicable transition. More importantly you will have learned how to continue the learning process beyond 540° as high as you're determined to reach, building safely and comfortably at your own pace!
  • Inverts are the most popular category in tricking, though they are the most diverse and unfamiliar (especially for those without experience in acrobatics). Most practitioners tend to chase the highest-tier invert tricks, which means adding more spins and flips to their skill wherever possible. The CMA invert curriculum takes you through all four major sub-categories of invert skills from scratch, by using clever progressions and versatile connections to develop awareness and control. You'll start with a few peripheral techniques which are easy to learn or adapt from simple exercises, and build up to popular twist & flip tricks such as "butterfly twist," "corkscrew," "cart full," "webster," "gainer," "raiz," and many more skills that are sought after in tricking. Along the way you'll develop your abilities through consistent use of setups and transitions such as "swingthru," "vanish," and "reverse pop." By the time you complete this curriculum you will be able to perform at least one complete twist and flip of every invert category, with the option to expand to all three possible takeoff types and all four possible landings. More importantly you will have learned how to continue the learning process to add rotation as high as you're determined to reach, building safely and comfortably at your own pace!
  • Tricking is a diverse practice that blends many different movement and martial arts disciplines together. If you train the vertical curriculum in addition to the invert curriculum, you actually quadruple the available material compared to training just one or the other! This is because the ability to combine skills from one category with the other creates two additional orders of possible connection types, giving you the most diverse skill set possible. Additionally you will be able to borrow movements from one curriculum to help you complete the other (many skills overlap in tricking and some are easier to learn on one axis over another). There are no crossover requirements, which means that an individual may be able to progress further and faster in either curriculum at a given time. No matter how you practice, training both categories of tricking will make you and the learning process more complete!


About the creator of the Cinematic Martial Arts program

Daniel Perez de Tejada has taught hundreds of enthusiastic newcomers how to learn and appreciate tricking, helping them achieve skills of all difficulty levels. He is known in the martial arts tricking community as one of the world's most knowledgeable and capable instructors, and his ideas have been adopted by many others in the tricking community. On this site you'll find some examples of the influence of his program, including a version developed specifically for martial arts athletes called Hyper Trick School (a joint venture with Hyper Martial Arts.) Merchandise including DVDs is found on the Hyper Pro Shop.

  • Daniel has a background in traditional karate, and has spent almost two decades working in acrobatics facilities developing his material. He taught martial arts from 2000 to 2005, and he has been teaching exclusively martial arts tricking to individuals and groups since 2006.
    • Regularly trains & works with some of the world's top sport martial arts competitors and trickers, including NASKA & NBL champions
    • Regularly travels to facilities around the country to teach tricking workshops & seminars to all levels
    • Appointed as head of the tricking program at Joining All Movement, the world's premier facility for Martial Arts Tricking (2012-2015)
    • Guides instruction of CMA and Hyper Trick School in multiple martial arts facilities around the world
    • Hosted multiple instructor certification events for teaching tricking using programs developed by Daniel
  • Daniel is sought after for his extensive knowledge of the intricacies of acrobatics and their applications in performance. He helped introduce the world to the discipline of tricking through in-person and media demonstrations, with the help of the tricking team he created ("Team Aeriform" 2007-2010).
    • Creator of the "True Kick Terminology" system for cataloguing martial arts kick tricks
    • Author of the online encyclopedia of martial arts tricking, Aeriform Martial Arts Tricks
    • Judge and commentator at the illustrious Adrenaline Championships since its inception in 2014
    • Helped identify and name dozens of unique movements in martial arts tricking
    • Can perform all skills (including entire curriculum) on either side with equal proficiency
  • Below are just a few of the places Daniel has visited, to help them learn and teach tricking:
    • Martial Posture Studio in Philadelphia, PA
    • Pride Martial Arts in Chula Vista, CA
    • Vortex Martial Arts in Leander, TX
    • Fearless Family Martial Arts in Gainesville, VA
    • Xtreme Ninja Martial Arts Center in Medford, MA
    • Apex Movement in Denver, CO
    • U.S. Taekwondo in Daphne, AL
    • Joining All Movement in Reseda, CA
    • Next Gen Martial Arts in Pratville, AL
    • Resolute Martial Arts in Destin, FL
    • Alpha Martial Arts in Seattle, WA
    • Pinnacle Parkour in Brewerytown, PA
    • Aaron Hensley's Premiere Martial Arts in North Augusta, SC
    • Ninja Brand Parkour in Henderson, CO
  • You can find Daniel Perez de Tejada on social media using the links below:

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